Monday, August 30, 2010

Help fight hunger

          My neighbor is a family of six.  The couple has four children ages 8, 4, and one year old twin. The father works at a bottling company but he lost his job for a reason that  , according to him, is not valid. He is waiting for the labor department's decision on his case.
          It is usual for us to share some food or goods to them. We share  with other neighbors as well. When he lost his job, my daughter and her husband gave a half sack of rice  and some food. One afternoon, my son-in-law was looking at my neighbor's daughter when they were at his house . He was surprised to see how thin the girl was and asked the father about  the condition of the girl. The father in some English words told him that his daughter was sick for three days and could not send her child  to  medical check-up for lack of money . My son-in-law immediately told the father to have the child consulted by a doctor and they went to the hospital.    
          The child was admitted  for pneumonia. She was confined for five days.  Tommy paid the hospital bills. After her discharge, the child was allowed to eat in our house to regain her health.  My daughter , her husband , and  their baby  are now in the US. 
           If we have food to share, we gave to the family. We just cannot afford to see the children go hungry. I am just hoping that the father will return to work soon.


Sunday, August 29, 2010


When we choose happiness over sadness to mark the day ,  our thoughts are focused on something enjoyable.s. Life is meaningful when we have a happy outlook. Let us extend happiness to any person we met. Forget sadness, problems. Let God solve them for us.Enjoy the beauty of nature and all things around us.  We have members of our family to enjoy life with. Be happy